Ground Truth









In Development

Ground Truth – Every pixel tells a story in 30 years of imaging the Earth from space

Art meets science in this series of immersive time-lapse films sourced from 30 years of satellite imagery processed by remote-sensing scientists in Queensland. These painterly, mesmerising films use spatial data to empirically track changes to landscapes we call home. Audiences can drive their own experience back and forth in time on massive screens through motion-sensitive technology. Two films featuring the landscape of SE Queensland and The Channel Country near Birdsville are being designed as a multi-screen experience for communities in 2018.

StarSapphire Productions has formed a rare collaboration with Queensland Government remote sensing scientists in Brisbane, and with visualisation experts at The Institute for Future Environments (QUT) to create GROUND TRUTH.

The films are compiled from an enormous storehouse of Landsat satellite imagery at the Ecosciences Precinct at Boggo Road. This is the painstaking work of the DSITI’s remote-sensing scientists who utilise Landsat satellite imagery from the US Geological Survey to monitor, map and track changes to Queensland’s land surface. This imagery is often breathtakingly beautiful. Yet to the scientists they are data that can be used to analyse change, from urban expansion to the green flush of ground cover following flooding rains.